Connect with Facebook

Do you need a business account?

Yes, Instagram belongs to Facebook and we will have to make them both work together.

Should you switch to an Instagram business profile? If you’re serious about growing on Instagram, the answer is yes.

It used to be simple: you just had to choose between an Instagram business profile or a personal profile or a Creator Profile.

Instagram Business Profile vs. Instagram Creator Profile

Instagram is rolling out a new creator profile for influencers and content creators!

Like Instagram business profiles, creator profiles will have access to a number of exclusive features and in-depth analytics, but there are also some big differences between the profile types.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key differences:

With an Instagram Business Profile, you can:

  • Get access to Instagram Analytics about your followers and posts
  • Promote Instagram posts as ads
  • Add links to shop from your FB catalogue
  • Add links to Instagram Stories
  • Automate your schedule and auto-publish your posts to Instagram with a Partner site.

With an Instagram Creator Profile, you can:

  • You can shop immediately from the Creators.
  • Since March 2019, Instagram created "shoppable posts" for retails and the Checkout Explorer tab.
  • You cannot use third-parties app
  • You cannot create Quick Replies - major benefit of a business account

Advice: just change it into Business!

In view to make it work, you can connect your IG account with your FB page.

  • Either, you change your current IG personal profile into an IG business profile. It is free.
  • Or, you can create a ghost FB page.

I can help you to do this linkage either from the phone or with Teamviewer on the computer. It is totally safe and I only access the pages on your screen.

How to Link your Instagram Business account and create a new Facebook Page, in Instagram?

You need to have the Facebook app with your Facebook Profile.

Then, you go to your Instagram Profile and follow the steps below.

Have a look at your Statistics on Instagram

How to link your Instagram Business profile with your new Facebook Page, in Facebook?

If you have troubles connecting your FB Page to your IG Business account, let me know and we can do this together.