Artist as a Business

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The Artist Business Commandments

1. (We sell art..) We don't just show art.

2. (We plan for success.) We don't just dream of success.

3. (We get paid upfront.) We don't discount our art.

4. (Our product is an emotion.) We don't sell goods or services.

5. (We inspire.) We don’t use sleazy sales tactics such as "buy 2 and receive 3"

6. (We are part of a supportive savvy community.) We don’t compete with other artists.

7. (We serve our art sector.) We don't work for free.

8. (We build businesses.) We don’t build art careers.

Is it easy to sell your art? We all know that it’s not.

Is it possible to sell your art? Absolutely!

From Ann Rea

There are regular workshops for artists in NYC via the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts:

At this stage it is important to shift your mind-set from being a "like-able artist" into "an art business".

👉 You, my dear, become your brand.

👉 Your artworks the product for sale.

👉 Instagram is a communication tool

Like in everything in life, there will be good days and bad days.

But I'm here to put you right on track 💪😉

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